Salland landscape

The landscape of Salland is beautiful and full of vibrant cities, picturesque villages and beautiful nature reserves.

Hotel Inn Salland is located in the heart of this region and we love to tell you all about the beauty that it has to offer. Become hooked, like so many before you, with this stunning and various scenery.

Cycling and walking Inn Salland

National Park Sallandse Heuvelrug
This is a very populaire nature reserve in the area that you have to visit. The park is characterized by its beautiful, large contiguous heathland: One of the largest in Europe. Enjoy endlessly from this landscape that seems almost un-Dutch due to its height difference.

The Duurse waarden
This nature reserve is stunning and located right next tot the river IJssel. It is characterized by its flooded floodplains, Scottish highlanders, Icelandic horses, countless birds and plants. Stroll through this beautiful landscape or take a bike ride on the dike. See the old brick factory and climb the watchtower that offers a view of the landscape.

Cycling over the dike along De IJssel
The owners of Hotel Inn Salland were born in the friendly village of Wijhe, which is located on the river IJssel. They have spent a lot of time on the banks of this playful landscape. Do not hesitate, get on your bike and make a tour along the most beautiful river in the Netherlands. If you follow the water, you will automatically find the most beautiful places in Overijssel.

Castles and country house route
The pendulum of Heino is a beautiful estate route that takes you past various country houses and castles. This route is a history book of the region and takes you back to times long long gone.

Picturesque villages and atmospheric Hanseatic cities

Raalte 'heart of Salland'
The heart of Salland, the face of the harvest festival the Stoppelhaene and every year the place to enjoy the Ribs & Blues festival. Raalte is the ideal place to enjoy the tranquility of the beautiful countryside and where you can also look for the cosiness when you feel like it. 

Villages Wijhe and Olst
Here flows the river the IJssel, love and so much more. This small township between Deventer and Zwolle is the epitome of Hospitality in our down-to-earth east. Go out on foot or by bike and enjoy the peace and quiet. End your walking tour on the Duursche Waarden with a cup of coffee on the IJssel in Olst or dive into one of the pubs in Wijhe.

Heino 'pearl of Salland'
Heino is a small, but cozy village in the township of Raalte. Within 10 minutes from the station you walk to Nijenhuis Castle. With a very extensive art collection and the beautiful décor, this Castle will amaze you. Make the most of salland country life and visit one of the small local shops around Heino for authentic and handmade products.

Quirky & Vibrant Deventer
Deventer is a centuries-old Hanseatic city located on the river IJssel. A bustling city in which you can clearly see the history. Go shopping, grab a terrace on the Brink or browse in one of the small shopping streets of the center, in Deventer it's all possible.

Dynamic Hanseatic city Zwolle
The capital of Overijssel and therefore a must to visit. The charming city has all the ingredients for a fun and cultural day out. Climb up the Peperbus in good weather, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the city. If you want to take a rest you can go to one of the trendy terraces, restaurants or coffee bars.